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If your home has water in it and you do not have flood insurance, you may have a windstorm claim depending on how the water entered the home.

Homeowners, if your home was flooded after the Houston Addicks and Barker Dam reservoir releases, click here.


Renters Warehouse and Empire Industries have joined forces in an effort to better support people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Together we have over 200 vacant homes that are available and ready to move into.

Search on "Find a Home" to locate available Renters Warehouse Houston properties, or see available Empire Industries properties for rent here.

If you are eligible for Transitional Sheltering Assistance, please click here.

We are here to help anyone in the Greater Houston area that is in need of assistance.

What is FEMA Assistance for Renters

When there's an emergency situation, homeowners can rely on FEMA in order to get grants and low-interest loans for emergency housing. What people don't always know is that there is also FEMA Individual Assistance that is available to eligible renters in an affected region and it can include help to pay for temporary emergency housing.

FEMA assistance for renters can take a number of different forms depending on the extent and severity of a disaster that happens. If you believe that you could be eligible for a FEMA grant as a renter or you have a tenant as a landlord who might have a grant, here are some others things to consider.

How to Make a Maintenance Request

Step 1: Go to renterswarehouse.com/offices/houston/.

Step 2: On upper right of page, click on "Tenant Resources."

Step 3: Click on the box that says "Maintenance Request."

Step 4: Choose "Tenant."

Step 5: Fill out the info and add pictures (always a good idea) by clicking on "Select Files."

Step 6: Click on "Submit Request."

As a reminder, below are the steps to request a home repair or report damage:

If Your Home is Flooding:

Shut off power via the breaker box. Elevate yourself above the water if possible and use a piece of wood to shut it off. Be extremely cautious and use a 2x4 to hit the breaker. DO NOT go into the attic if water is rising in your home unless you have an axe to break through the roof. Get onto your roof instead!

  • Texas Dept. of Insurance Help Line: 1-800-252-3439
  • Find Towed Vehicle: 713-308-8580
  • Emergency Numbers (Police/Fire/Ambulance): 911 | 713-884-3131
  • City of Houston Emergency: 311 | 713-837-0311
  • Office of Emergency Management: 713-881-3100
  • US Coast Guard: 281-464-4851
  • National Guard: 713-578-3000
  • Houston Red Cross: 713-526-8300 | 866-526-8300
  • Flood Control: 713-684-4000
  • FEMA: 1-800-525-0321
  • Harris County: 713-755-5000
  • Houston TranStar: 713-881-3244

Numbers You May Need:

In Case of Tornado:

Find an interior room of your house with no windows. Only call 911 or 713-884-3131 if your life is at risk!